Cocoa Butter
Cocoa Butter
Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter

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Our natural unrefined cocoa butter comes from Ivory Coast and is an efficient natural moisturizer for hair, body and face. With its natural chocolaty cocoa aroma, this butter melts easily and is a perfect base for soaps, balms and beauty and hair care cosmetics products.
Our product is extracted from the cocoa beans, is GMO free, non tested on animals and undergoes no nasty chemical treatment to keep all its qualities safe.
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-  Moisturizes all skin types

-  Nourishes and softens dry hair & rough skin

Prevents and reduces lines, wrinkles & stretch marks

Heals wounds & dry feet

Regenerates the skin after sun

Protects and repairs chapped lips

Softens the skin and reduces red spots after waxing & shaving etc.

The benefits of Cocoa butter have not all be proven by western medicine but have been recognized by traditional West African medicine for centuries.


Face (as an intense night cream)

Hair (as a hair mask)

Body (to prevent stretch marks & dry skin)

Nails and feet (as a cuticles and foot care)

Ingredient for DIY creations (base for body butters, balms, creams, soaps…)


Seal and store this product in a dry environement at a temperature below 25 °C. The texture can vary depending on the temperature but it does not affect the quality of the product. External use only.


Ingredients: Theobroma cacao butter

Cocoa butter is generally considered safe for most people to use. People with sensitive skin may test cocoa butter on a small patch of skin to make sure that it won’t irritate their skin and ask their doctor for guidance. 

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Love this product

Smells wonderful and is a fantastic moisturiser! Am using it daily and can't get enough of it.


Very good quality of the product