Touré, the explorer


Touré, The founder, loves to travel the world to source new healthy cosmetic ingredients, meet with local farmers in Africa, learn about ancestral production processes and connect with his local community in London. 

 It all started with a childhood memory.

As a kid, Touré was fascinated by his father's raw shea butter jar on the bathroom shelf. Years after, in search of a healthier lifestyle and disappointed at the amount of chemicals present in cosmetic products, he decided to sell natural beauty products.

Our commitments:
Providing Premium Raw ingredients
We are a cosmetics grocery store offering pure, unrefined, healthy ingredients to use for DIY creations or as single ingredients. 
Promoting Sustainability
We source our products ethically in Africa. We are a zero-waste company (plastic free packaging, recycling and upcycling materials) and deliver to our local clients via bike.
Engaging with our Local community 
We partner with independent local health shops across London, collaborate with local suppliers and offer free delivery to all our local customers.