Natural Butters

The skin is one of the most significant parts that make up the human body. It is hence important that we take absolute care of it.

People would often employ the use of many beauty products to maintain healthy-looking skin. Here, we will be looking at one of the most natural ways to feed the skin healthily: The African raw shea butter.

You'll also uncover its benefits and how best to utilize it for better results.

What is Raw Shea Butter?

Shea butter belongs to the Plantae kingdom. It is a rich fat gotten from the nuts of the Karite tree which grows in abundance in western Africa.
From time past, African women have indulged in extracting the rich fruit of the nuts for consumption and cosmetology.
Their means of extraction is the lowest grade where there is no chemical infiltration.
This butter is highly rich in essential nutrients like vitamins A, F, and E. It also contains fatty acids nutrients for general healthy skin, especially in its raw organic form.
Raw shea butter stars in new hair and skin products including body creams, soap, shampoo, relaxers, e.t.c.
It is however often refined before use in many of these products, reducing the ancient rich benefits drastically.
Sometimes, the butter from the nut is cold-pressed to try to retain its nutrients.
You should opt for pure organic unrefined shea butter because it is richer in nutrients, uncontaminated, and safe from chemicals that are likely to cause harm to the skin. 

What are the benefits for the Skin ?

Shea butter has quickly dominated the beauty world as one of the key ingredients for smoother skin and healthy hair.
The benefits are numerous to general health. The skin enjoys a big chunk of benefit from natural shea butter.

The healing Benefits for the Skin

Skin Infections

It is often known as a magical oil because of its ability to help deal with fungal and bacterial on the skin.
This includes evening out skin tones that have been disrupted from issues like acne, blackheads, eczema, etc.
It may not lighten up the skin, but its properties help the skin achieve a uniform color.

Skin Burns

It combats all forms of skin burns. In addition to acting as good sun protection, pure shea butter treats sunburns and other kinds of burns on the skin.

Bites and Inflammations

From time past, unrefined shea butter has served as a form of remedy for insect bites and inflammation that leaves the skin irritated and vulnerable.

Pure Shea Butter for Beauty

Raw Shea Butter Moisturizes the Skin

Raw shea butter is great for dry skin. Irrespective of how severe or minute your dry skin condition might be, the fatty acid in it helps add some natural moisture to the body, keeping you fresh.

Raw Shea Butter Enhances Skin Glow

One of the many benefits of raw shea butter is the ability to soothe the skin and keep you glowing, leaving you with its nice fragrance. It also erases stretch marks on the skin.
This effect often takes a little bit of time and patience especially since the extreme chemicals in cosmetics are not included.
However, the result that raw shea butter gives is worth the wait.

It Contains Anti-aging properties

Pure shea butter is rich in vitamins A and E that help get rid of wrinkles on the face and skin.
This anti-aging property is one of the reasons why you should consider replacing your skincare product with natural shea butter.
It achieves this by protecting the skin from antioxidants and free radicals that the skin picks up from the environment.

It Repairs worn-out tissues

One price to pay for using refined beauty products is the danger to health.
The harshness of the sun and the many chemicals we use on our skin can be toxic to skin cells.
Raw unrefined shea butter helps repair worn-out tissues in the skin and regenerates dead cells The vitamin E it contains protects your skin from ultraviolet light rays. 

Raw Shea Butter is safe for all skin types

Unlike some other kinds of beauty products, raw shea butter is not selective. Anyone can use it, irrespective of age and skin type.
It moisturizes dry skin and also controls excess oil on the skin; hence, unrefined shea butter balances your skin, giving it a glow.

How Raw Shea Butter can be used ?

Unrefined shea butter can be used in more than one way for skin. It can be applied directly to the face and other parts of the body.
Usually, in its most natural form, this product is solid when it is cold.
However, it can be heated or allowed to melt into oil form and used in the same manner on the skin. 

Getting the Best Raw Shea Butter 

While it might not be convenient to get it directly from Africa, there are quite a handful of brands putting out pure Shea butter for sale.
The price may be slightly different from regular beauty products because of postage and delivery.
To purchase the best natural shea butter, you should look out for many determiners.
This product may be sold in malls alongside refined ones, but it stands out because of its Ivory or off-white color.
Also, you should try to read reviews about whatever item that you plan to buy and only buy from certified brands.
A certified brand is more likely to be reviewed and will let you know if you're buying this product.

The benefits for the body are inexhaustible. Alongside the fact that it beautifies the skin, it carries healing features that deal with some of the most severe skin-related issues.
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